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JAFFFA Adventures is channel for people with a passion for adventure travel, four wheel driving, camping, vehicle modifications, and a bit of light hearted humour. New videos are posted regularly so be sure to subscribe. My name is Terry and I am not sponsored nor do I make any money or receive any freebies for my efforts. So why do I do this you might ask? Three main reasons:


1. I love learning. I am relatively new to video editing and am enjoying the creative process behind shooting and editing videos, and the storytelling that goes along with it.


2. I have always been interested in nature and photography, and this is a great outlet to explore that passion further.


3. Sharing. Most people want to contribute in some way or another, it is human nature. This is my way of contributing and I trust you will find value in what you watch.


The name JAFFFA had its genesis over 25 years ago with a small group of friends and stands for "Just a Few Friends Fooling Around”.

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